Netsuite Magento Connector

Netsuite Magento Connector

Netsuite EDI Connect


Lightweight and scalable EDI for Netsuite. Natively integrated. Mailboxes typically deployed in under 24 hours. All documents validated. Tier 1 VAN network accepts multiple connection protocols. 

One time fee includes mailbox setup. Pricing is usage based per byte of data transferred. Testing and validating of trading partners performed on an hourly basis. 



Exchange documents easily

Access over 300,000 active trading partners across over 200+ VAN interconnects globally. Any protocol, any content, and reliable support from a US based team.

Accept orders easily from anyone

Once you are on the global backbone, connecting to you as easy as sending a parcel to a post-office box and our usage based pricing model means you only pay for what you use. We provide a published specification specific to your business so trading partners can easily validate their documents to ensure they arrive error free. Our network validates every document as it traverses it. 

Slash labor costs, improve accuracy

The obvious benefit of automation is to reduce labor costs from automating repetitive work. We think you owe it to your employees and to your stake holders to maximize the use of your employees. 

 So you get 85% efficiency gain, but what you can't always measure as easily is the employee satisfaction that comes from being part of a forward thinking team.

Create new possibilities

Once you are on the EDI backbone, anyone can connect with you. If we publish your specific EDI spec, aka your instructions on how to send advice, trading partners can easily validate their messages to you the same way we validate our messages to them. 

A Smarter Approach

We've implemented many EDI systems and always it is painful. But the more we did it the more we realized it did not have to be. 

Like many things we do, we opened up the hood to see how we could make it work better and the result is elegantly simple speeding the process of implemenation and structurally enforcing the accuracy of the information throughout the process. 

JSON Based, API Driven

We prefer objects and real programming languages. We never liked WYSIWYG editors and the problems with many of the drag and drop platforms today are the same as those of the easy to use editors of the past, they are verbose, or in other words they don't get to the point very fast. 

We take an object and map it to JSON. Once there we create a JSON mapping rule that converts it to the destination JSON that we will then map to an EDI Translator. No more problems with field lengths etc. Everything is validated on creation resulting in a system that does not have problems in the interchange becuase it is not able to create them. 

All Document Types Supported

We support all document types and validate documents against suppliers published specifications ensuring error free transmission. 

Speeds up the supply chain
Saves on printing and document delivery
Increases the speed of payment
Saves resources for duplication, sorting and storage of documents

Instantly notifies partners of new orders
Eliminates manual input errors
Reduces the number of adjustments
Allows rational use of human resources

Integrates with any business system (ERP, CRM, Warehouse Management, accounting, etc.)
Allows companies to build analytical reports
Connects business partners from anywhere in the world

lectronic documents in encrypted and unchanged form
eliminates the risk of losing orders


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